Brown rice: rich in B vitamins

rice-integral-benefits He rice It is one of the most cultivated and consumed cereals in the world, just after wheat (in this sense, it is interesting to know, for example, the different benefits of buckwheat ).

Not in vain, it is known that absolutely all cultures (especially those cultures culinary and gastronomically speaking), count both in their recipes for food and desserts with the rice as its main ingredient.

For your Benefits Y properties , it is in fact a food practically essential and indispensable in our diet, being rich in proteins and starch, and low in fat.

However, if there is a type of rice that contributes a greater number of properties and essential nutrients, is the Integral rice .

Benefits and properties of brown rice

He Integral rice It is one of the most nutritious rice that exists, since it is the only one that conserves all its Benefits , thanks to the fact that, in the refining process, its husk has not been removed.

It preserves most vitamins (mainly vitamins B and E), proteins and minerals (especially magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus).

It is one of the ideal rices within a diet and healthy food, mainly because of the different benefits of brown rice , that contributes in each dish.

In addition, according to recent studies, it seems that the brown rice is good against cholesterol , since it helps to lower the levels of high cholesterol .

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