Breakfast for good physical performance

Many studies have shown that enjoying a good breakfast It is essential to start the day well, especially because through the different foods we consume in this first meal of the day we provide our body with the essential nutrients that we need throughout the morning, and that above all help us to prevent fatigue.


And is that to opt for a healthy breakfast gives us many benefits, especially if we choose the best foods for breakfast .

However, every time it tends to be more common that many people tend to skip breakfast , thinking that in this way they will lose weight and reduce those extra kilos, or simply because they are not hungry when they get up.

This is a serious error, mainly because, through the breakfast , our body receives the signal that it must be put in "march", ingesting this way all the nutrients and the calories that we will need throughout the morning, not to feel tired or fatigued.

Milk and derivatives

They emphasize above all foods such as milk, yogurt, curd or cheese. It is also possible to add butter, although always in a moderate way due to its fat content.

Dairy products provide vitamins (especially A, D and B2), as well as important minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.


While it is true that it is advisable to eat 3 to 5 servings of fruit every day, there is no doubt that breakfast can become one of the first meals in which we add fruits.

They are essential foods, since they provide us with vitamins, minerals, fiber and water.


They are equally essential foods at breakfast, since they are rich in carbohydrates that, once consumed, our body transforms them into glucose (energy).

Although you can add pastries or cookies occasionally, it is best to opt for breakfast cereals or bread in all its versions.

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