Blemil Plus, the range of infant feeding of Ordesa

The Baby food Is practically fundamental and indispensable for the proper development and growth of the baby, on which, in fact, more and more parents are worried about what would be the best nutrients for their child.


Luckily, in addition to the actual breastfeeding itself, we can now find ourselves on the market with a very interesting and interesting variety of Continuation milk , As is the case of the range Blemil Plus from Ordesa , The most complete formula for your health and your peace of mind.

Blemil Plus Is a range of Continuation milk Totally innovative and interesting that contains a good amount of beneficial functional ingredients involved in growth and maturation processes at the digestive, intestinal, immune, cerebral, visual and Central Nervous System.

The excellent range of Blemil Plus continuum milk

There are several products that, at present, can be found in the market made by About us Of the known range Blemil Plus .


For this reason, we summarize below its main benefits and outstanding properties:

  • Blemil Plus 2 Forte : It is a continuation milk with excellent nutrients essential for the proper growth and development of the baby, as it contains immunoglobulins and lactoferrin that come from bioactive serum proteins; Probiotics that promote the establishment of a healthy intestinal flora; Oligosaccharides that aid the growth, formation and development of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli; Β-palmitate which helps increase the absorption of nutrients and nucleotides that strengthens the baby's defenses.
  • Blemil Plus 2 AE : It is an improved continuation milk fruit of the advancement of pediatric nutrition, rich in β-palmitate, prebiotics (fructooligosaccharides) and nucleotides that help the baby to form feces that are smoother and easier to eliminate for him.
  • Blemil Plus 3 Growth : It is an ideal growth milk for preschoolers, which adapts better than cow's milk to both their nutritional needs and their own digestive capacity. And it is that 2 cups - or baby bottles - of 250 ml of Blemil plus 3 growth Guarantees 50% of the recommended daily intake of calcium, vitamins and iron during this important stage.

There is no doubt that we are faced with a pioneering brand in infant feeding, where they research to care for the biggest in the house and manufacture products that become the most complete formula for your health and your own well-being.

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