Watercress: properties and benefits

properties-watercress-benefits He watercress It is a plant that has been widely used since ancient times for its Benefits Y healing properties . Not in vain, we find historical references in the classical world, in which they mention its use in the diet of those people who carried out intense physical works.

The Romans, for example, came to consider it as an excellent aphrodisiac, as well as a good stimulant of the mind. While, in the Middle Ages, the monks used it for problems of blood poisoning.

For all this, one could almost assure that many are the benefits of watercress , a particular plant and habitually used in the kitchen of many parts of the world, and on whose properties let's know something else today.

Benefits and properties of watercress

By possessing expectorant, antiviral, tonic and febrifuge properties, watercress It is a very recommended plant in case of flu (home remedies for the flu), colds (home remedies for colds) and bronchitis.

In addition, it is able to help the sick to recover from that annoying and undesirable feeling of tiredness caused generally by the flu states.

It is also recommended for coughing. In this sense, it is extremely useful to make a syrup of watercress juice dissolved in sugar syrup, and drink between four and five tablespoons daily.

It is useful in cases of diabetes, to have zinc, copper, niacin and vitamin C, used to decrease the excess of sugar in the blood.

It has an outstanding diuretic capacity, being recommended in cases of fluid retention , and even in weight loss diets.

It is also useful in the purification of the liver , helping to clean it and facilitating its recovery, while helping to prevent stones in the gallbladder or kidney.

It is a good appetite stimulant, and may even be ideal to prevent the onset of cancer.

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