Benefits of horsetail for health

The horse tail It is probably one of those medicinal plants that enjoy a very wide popularity due to its recognized diuretic action useful in relieving fluid retention or as calmane when it comes to reducing rheumatic pain. In fact, it is common to find it in the pantry of many houses as a home remedy when it comes to making infusions.

From a scientific point of view it is a plant known by the name of Equisetum Arvense L. , while from a more popular point of view it is also known by the name of equiseto or as minor equiseto . It belongs to the family of the equisetáceas, and it is very common to find it next to the rivers, streams and also on the edges of humid walls.

Horsetail is a very popular medicinal plant

It is a plant that, by appearance, stands out above all for being easily distinguishable, since it has erect stems of brown color and very characteristic rhizomes. On its collection, it is advisable to collect its talus during the summer months, and let them dry in the sun before use for -for example- the preparation of infusions.

The most important properties of the horsetail

Recognized remineralizing action

Among the different benefits and properties that we can find in the horse tail , we can emphasize that it exerts a remineralizing action thanks mainly to its high content in calcium and silicon.

In addition, as discussed briefly at the beginning, silica improves the resistance of connective tissue, being ideal, for example, in the treatment of rheumatism.

An excellent diuretic

It also has a very prominent diuretic action, which is why, generally, the horsetail is very well known. This is due to its richness in potassium salts, and to what it contains in a saponoside. In fact, did you know that it becomes one of the most diuretic plants that exist ?

Horsetail, a plant full of benefits

For this reason it is a suitable medicinal plant at the moment of treat in a natural way all those conditions related to fluid retention , since it helps reduce retention or prevent it effectively.

Precisely thanks to this diuretic quality it becomes a excellent natural option for people with arthritis or with gout , while helping at the time of reduce high levels of uric acid .

Useful in case of high cholesterol

Although one of its best-known qualities -and recognized- is its diuretic action useful for rheumatic diseases too is an appropriate option when it comes to reducing high blood cholesterol levels , thanks to that it exerts an interesting action on the lipid metabolism.

Beneficial for the health of your bones

Horsetail is an ideal plant for bones , because it helps the calcium to fix better and that our body is able to store a greater amount of this important mineral, which translates into something very simple: it helps our bones and tendons to form in better condition.

Therefore, it is a useful natural option in case of osteoporosis , as well as certain muscular and articular problems and conditions: torn ligaments, muscle strains and broken bones.

Good for nails and hair

Thanks to its silicon content it becomes an appropriate option for those who suffer from problems in your hair . For example, it is believed that it helps prevent baldness while prevents the appearance of dandruff .

Horse tail

Let's say that precisely because of the presence of silicon in its composition helps to keep the hair in very good health.

But her qualities in beauty do not end here, since It becomes a good remedy in case of fragile and brittle nails , by preventing them from breaking so easily.

How to enjoy its benefits?

When it comes to enjoying its different therapeutic and medicinal benefits, and especially preventive ones, an appropriate option is to elaborate a infusion with a few teaspoons of dry horsetail. To make it you need the ingredients and steps that we indicate below:

  • Ingredients needed : 2 teaspoons of dried horsetail herb and 1 cup of water.
  • Preparation of the infusion : put the water in a saucepan and let it reach the boiling point. Just at this time put the horsetail in a cup and pour over the boiling water, cover and let infuse for 15 to 20 minutes. Finally sneak and drink.
  • How many cups to take a day? : you can take this infusion 3 times a day.

How to make an infusion of horsetail

Contraindications of horsetail to take into account

Although it is a medicinal plant that usually poses no health risks, it is necessary to consider what contraindications it has to discover whether or not we can consume it safely. The most important are the following:

  • Kidney problems : its use is not advised in people with kidney problems or diseases.
  • Hypertension or heart problems : without medical advice its use is not advised in patients with blood pressure or heart problems.
  • Pregnancy and lactation : its consumption is not recommended either during pregnancy or during breastfeeding due to the presence of toxic components.
  • Hypokalemia or hypokalemia : people with low potassium levels should not take horsetail, since potassium is further reduced due to its diuretic effects.

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