Beneficial vegetables against flu

flu vegetables During the months of October and November it is common for cases of seasonal flu , one of the most common infectious diseases after the arrival of autumn, and which - as you know - is characterized by an acute viral infection caused by a flu virus (influenza type A, influenza type B, and influenza type C), common in temperate regions.

A good option when it comes to prevent the flu , in addition to maintaining proper health habits (such as washing hands properly when we are away from home, and when we reach it, coughing or sneezing carrying a cough or sneeze to the elbow area ...), is vaccinated against the flu, although it is true that this option is more advisable for the main risk groups.

Be that as it may, within the beneficial diet for flu , there are certain vegetables Y vegetables especially suitable in this diet for influenza, thanks to which they provide interesting protective benefits in this regard.

The best vegetables for flu

Onions: healthy benefits for the flu

It is one of the best known vegetables in case of flu or colds, thanks to the different benefits it provides in this regard.

Already in the time of Greeks and Romans was used to cure the cold, cough or throat disease (being usual to take it together with a little salt).

It is a very good natural antibiotic, thanks to its high content of sulfur-containing substances, which provide useful bactericidal virtues to fight infections. In addition, it facilitates the expulsion of mucus and reduces the catarrhal process.

Garlic: high content of sulfur-containing substances

The garlic becomes in turn one of the best known vegetables in case of flu. Like the onion, it stands out for its high content of sulfur-containing substances.

These substances provide an antibiotic benefit in a natural way, so it is useful to fight against flu, colds and colds since the first symptoms appear.

Parsley: promotes healing

It stands out for its high content of vitamins. It helps to cleanse and purify the blood, thanks to its purifying benefits, being ideal in turn when it comes to eliminating toxins from the body.

Between the vitamins it emphasizes its high content in vitamin C, an essential nutrient especially adapted and advised in case of flu or colds.

Celery: ideal to fight the flu

It is a suitable vegetable when it comes to fighting the flu in a natural way, thanks to which it becomes an interesting source of vitamin C, standing out together with parsley or other foods such as citrus.

An interesting option is to make an infusion of celery or a broth of celery and take it during the days of cold or flu.

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