Minerals beneficial for the heart

To enjoy a healthy heart not only is it necessary to lower our daily intake of saturated fat, given that some additional risks such as inflammation or hypertension can aggravate the problem. It is also essential to follow a healthy lifestyle, based on the pursuit of a healthy diet low in fat on the one hand, and the practice of regular physical exercise, on the other, while avoiding harmful habits such as tobacco.

Minerals for the heart

Within the food that we can follow, and the most beneficial foods to consume, we find the nuts , since they help reduce the levels of high cholesterol , helps control hypertension and glucose.

And is that in many healthy foods we can find essential nutrients that give us appropriate benefits for the heart . We talk to you about the most interesting ones.

The best minerals for the heart


It helps reduce the arterial hypertension , although we must bear in mind that high blood pressure is a multifactorial problem. However, studies show that there is an almost direct relationship between calcium intake and a healthy blood pressure.

In addition, it balances the activity of the heart.

The intake of 1,000 mg is recommended. of calcium, preferably combination with magnesium.


It helps to balance and regulate blood sugar, acting in turn as an anti-aging agent, since excess blood sugar tends to accelerate the aging of cell membranes.

It is recommended to take 200 mcg. of chromium daily.


It is a mineral that reduces high blood pressure. It is also muscle relaxant and antiarteriosclerótico, therefore its daily consumption is advised along with calcium.

The recommended dose is 400 to 800 mg. newspapers.


It helps regulate the heartbeat. In addition, it is essential for the control of blood pressure at normal or optimal levels.

The recommended dose is 200 to 300 mg. newspapers.


It is a mineral with antioxidant benefits. In addition, its benefits are similar to magnesium, since it helps to balance heart function and is antiarteriosclerotic.

The recommended dose is 200 mcg. newspapers.

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