Beef: properties and benefits

beef benefits It is true that the so-called red meats (unlike the White meats ), tend to be a type of meat that has always been surrounded by certain myths or mistaken beliefs.

For years it is erroneously believed that red meat is incompatible with the pursuit of a balanced and healthy diet, especially because its fats are harmful to cardiovascular health and, above all, because of its high content of cholesterol, triglycerides and fatty acids.

However, the truth is that within a balanced diet -and healthy- it is possible that moderate consumption of red meat, as a way of contributing to our body the different essential nutrients it contains.

Of course, provided that we consume it in a moderate way (it is advisable to consume a ration of red meat a week, not exceeding 210 grams), its nutritional benefits They are certainly interesting. And on this occasion we want to talk to you concretely about the different benefits of beef .

Especially rich in proteins

Beef stands out for its high content of high-quantity proteins, because it contains essential essential amino acids in our diet, given that our body is not able to synthesize them (or does so insufficiently).

Particularly the beef contributes between 18 to 20% of high quality proteins.

High mineral content

  • Iron : beef is especially rich in heme iron, which is easily absorbed and in turn improves the absorption of non-heme iron.
  • Zinc : helps in the growth and in the good functioning of the immune system. Its absorption is favored by its protein content.

Rich in vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is necessary to combat anemia , thanks to the fact that it helps to form healthy red blood cells. To this important benefit we must remember its iron content, an essential mineral against anemia.

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