Become JoyHunter from the hand of SoyJoy and get a trip to Japan

Become JoyHunter from the hand of SoyJoy and get a trip to Japan

Did you know that I'm Joy , The popular brand that makes delicious Soy snack and fruit Is looking for a JoyHunter ? You do not have to do much to get the prize: catch the joy in a photo, upload it to Instagram with the label #SoyJoyHunter and save a ticket to buy your SoyJoy bar before June 30, 2015.

The award? Or rather, the prize? A trip to Japan that you can enjoy with whoever you want . But to get it you have to capture the joy in a photograph with the aforementioned hashtag and save the purchase ticket of any SoyJoy product dated before June 30. And you do not need bows or arrows, just take a picture of joy!


You have until June 30 to hunt down your joys, and convince Usun that you are the best SoyJoyHunter . To achieve this you will be the one chosen to enjoy a trip to Japan, and to hunt, in short, all the joy that is hidden and that you will find in the beautiful country of the Rising Sun.

But this is not the only prize, since among all those who participate in the event will be drawn 5 Lomographic Cameras So that they can capture and hunt the joy wherever they go.

I'm Joy

Whether you already know I'm Joy As if it is the first time to read something about it is about the popular brand that makes the popular too Whole-grain soy and natural fruit , Soft texture and ideal to consume at any time of the day and especially when you need an extra energy, since it is a light snack but provides an interesting satiating effect.

If you also want to discover its new product line, you can also find its new range of products Cereal bars (Because 3 are not multitude: of soy, of fruit and of cereals), and its novelties biscuits (The perfect love between soy and fruit).

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