Beans: nutritional information

The broad beans They are some vegetables whose pods should be consumed fresh, when they have a firm and green appearance. In this way we can not only from a nutritional point of view enjoy all the properties of beans , but we will enjoy all its flavor and texture.

beans properties

That is why it is fundamental to want those beans that show brown spots or that to the tact they are soft, since these two elements indicate that we are before past beans.

These vegetables have always become an unmistakable food in Spanish cuisine, where it is usually customary to prepare them accompanied by delicious stews with chorizo.

It is, as we will see throughout this note, one of the richest dietary fiber legumes , indispensable nutrient inside a balance diet , healthy and healthy, so we can indicate first that thanks to the benefits of beans we find a food as healthy as nutritious.

Nutritional benefits of beans

As we indicated to you in a brief way just a few lines, among the benefits of beans most important we find his high fiber content , so it is a legume certainly ideal at the time of prevent the constipation as to lower the levels of high cholesterol , above all the high levels of the so-called bad cholesterol .

We owe this principal virtue to the arabinose , a type of soluble fiber that from a nutritional point of view is able to improve the profile of fats in the blood.

He is also rich in essential nutrients that help care for and protect the heart , especially highlighting vitamin C, minerals such as magnesium and a flavonoid such as quercitin.

If you think so much purify the liver how to take care of it, beans are especially useful legumes to stimulate both the function of the liver as of the gallbladder .

Nutritional contribution of the beans


310 kcal.


24 g.


48.5 g.

Total fat

2 g.


22 g.



Vitamin B1

0.53 mg.


115 mg.

Vitamin B2

0.24 mg.


150 mg.

Vitamin B3

4.5 mg.


8.5 mg.

Vitamin C

25 mg.


3.5 mg.

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