Beans: balanced nutritional values

It is known that bean They have been grown in America for just over 7,000 years, and today more than 200 varieties with different shapes and colors are known, for absolutely every taste.


As you surely know, the most common are white, green and red, being in fact those used when preparing traditional dishes in virtually the entire world.

While the chickpeas they stand out because they have many carbohydrates of slow absorption, the beans are within those vegetables who have a slightly more balanced nutritional composition.

Do you dare to know what are the benefits of beans ?

Benefits and properties of beans

As we will see more briefly in the section related to the nutritional values ​​of beans, among its main properties carbohydrates, proteins and fibers stand out, as well as having a minimum amount of fat.

According to studies carried out, the bean is an ideal legume for those people who have a high cholesterol , since according to it has been verified, it will help to reduce it up to 20%.

This is so thanks to the soluble fiber it contains, which favors the healthy concentration of fats in the blood, helping to combat cardiocirculatory problems.

But fiber not only stands out for this particularity, since it relieves and improves intestinal transit (being ideal for those people who have constipation ), fighting both colon cancer and rectal cancer.

It is a very good legume for diabetics, since it reduces the speed of absorption of sugars, helping to regulate the glucose present in the blood.

Nutritional values ​​of beans

100 grams of beans provide:

  • Kilocalories: 304.6
  • Carbohydrates: 54.8
  • Proteins: 21.4
  • Total fats: 1.5
  • Fiber: 21.3
  • Vitamins: (B1, thiamine: 0.5 / B3, niacin: 2.4).
  • Minerals: (Potassium: 1160 / Iron: 6.2 / Phosphorus: 400 / Magnesium: 163).

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