Batch Cooking: method to organize your weekly menu in 1 day

How many times do we see ourselves in the position of preparing a meal in a limited time or even buying precooked food to get by? "


Are you one of those who like to optimize your time in the kitchen and use more healthy products to prepare your recipes? Or do you usually make a few varied and quick dishes because of the limited time available and step out?

Organize in the kitchen and get the most out of your dishes is very easy if you know how and especially when, because the Batch Cooking proposes to cook much healthier recipes and without the need to invest a lot of time a week.

More specifically the Batch Cooking It is an Anglicism that means " cook by blocks "Which proposes not only, as we have already mentioned, invest less time per week in culinary preparations if not being even more important Eat more healthy and balanced .

What is Batch Cooking for?

Until recently the freezer was used to store food that would be consumed little by little or in a long term, however with this method the freezer can offer us many more alternatives and become perfectly our weekly pantry which will save us time, money and with a very good impact on our health.

When we have food in the freezer already cooked and waiting to be prepared, it will only require a minimum of preparation and dedication of a few minutes to have a good meal both at lunch and at dinner.

This technique will help you maximize the use of the freezer and give it the proper utilization so that you do not waste time and money on your food and on your own.

Batch Cooking is a simple method of organizing a weekly menu, which consists of planning your weekly meals by preparing them in a day.

What is Batch Cooking

Batch Cooking Planning

How do we plan in our menu? weekly? How to save time and have healthy food in less than 10 minutes?

The Batch Cooking requires a series of fundamental points to follow to guarantee such planning and above all control over our diet.

  1. Choose the day of the week for planning, that morning or that afternoon will be the time you spend most in the kitchen and food, but only this time.
  2. Search and prepare always freezeable dishes, such as cereals, creams, hamburgers, soups, whenever you need one of these foods you will only have to thaw it in the fridge or you can even do it in the pan or in the cauldron without previous thawing.
  3. Save time and especially avoid throwing food by freezing in portions. You can use containers or significant small tapers for a plate of food, so you will only unfreeze what you are going to consume.
  4. Remember to know and review the containers you have on hand. Tapers or containers with airtight seal are recommended to avoid any leakage of food and keep it perfectly. Be careful with cold burns and the exchange of smells and flavors within it.
  5. There are more and more recipes that we can find dedicated to Batch Cooking: those that allow us to make them in greater quantity and that does not cause any type of problem when freezing and thawing.

Plan meals with Batch Cooking

Our weekly recommendation to start introducing Batch Cooking in your home and kitchen is:

  • Always opt for legumes , remember to put them in soak the night before or pull boiled pots where you only have to wash and place.
  • Another basic point: the cereals and if they are whole better , alternate rice or macaroni, wheat or couscous, etc.
  • The vegetables not only color, if not taste, and form a good base, use them steamed, cooked or directly in creams.
  • The tubers like potatoes or sweet potatoes as companions of another food.
  • Various sauces , tomato, mushrooms with bechamel, etc. There is no doubt that this method of cooking en bloc or batch is a good way to organize and unify the quality of our food and comfort that will allow us to invest only one day and cover the rest of the week.

And if you want to discover how to best preserve your food when it comes to better plan your weekly menu, we encourage you to watch the following video:

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