Banana or banana peel tea: how to do it

Did you know that the skin of fruits is very rich in soluble fiber , a nutrient that helps in the prevention or treatment of constipation thanks to it also improves intestinal transit? They also contribute vitamins , so if we do without the peel of many fruits that in reality are just as edible as your interior we are actually losing an extremely interesting supply of essential nutrients. To give just one example: the vitamin C content of the skin of the pear or apple is even greater than that found in its shell.

It emphasizes especially the banana peel , about whose consumption, benefits and properties increasingly interests a greater number of people. A practice that comes mainly from African and Asian cultures, where it is very common to take advantage of banana peel or banana for your consumption.

Banana peel tea

For its consumption, there is no doubt that the simplest option is to clean it well, cut it into pieces and eat it directly. But also another option is to elaborate a shell tea banana , more suitable when you do not want to chew the skin because you find it unpleasant or when you simply do not like its flavor. Do you dare to prepare it with us ?.

How to make banana or banana peel tea

Ingredients that you need

  • 1 banana or banana peel
  • 1 cup of water
  • Honey or brown sugar (optional)

Steps to prepare banana peel tea

In the first place it is very important to clean the banana peel well before consumption. To do this wash the skin with warm water, then rinse well with fresh water.

Then put the banana peel on a baking sheet and heat for at least one hour at 65 ° C temperature in order to dry the peels. When you observe that they are dry remove them from the oven, and when they are cold, lay them out with your fingers.

Now heat in a saucepan or saucepan the equivalent of a cup of water. When it reaches 80 ºC of temperature add the banana peels to the saucepan, lower the heat and let stand for 5 minutes.

After this time served in a cup, sweeten if you wish and drink. Ready!

Banana peel tea recipe

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