Banana of the Canary Islands: benefits and properties

platano-canarias-properties There is no doubt that there are many benefits of banana , which we particularly find in a fruit that is as appetizing as it is delicious in terms of flavor and texture, without counting the sweet aroma it gives off.

For example, it is a satiating fruit, with a certainly low caloric content despite what is mistakenly believed (100 grams provide only 85 calories), and noted for its high fiber content.

In addition, it is an ideal food for the moments in which we feel a little depressed or tired, since it gives us energy, thanks to its content in potassium and in carbohydrates.

However, within bananas we find one of the most known and consumed varieties in Spain, which provides even more properties and of Benefits : he Canarian banana .

Benefits of the Canarian banana

As we explained in the previous lines, in spite of what is erroneously thought, the banana It is not a food that fattens, because although 100 grams provide 85 calories, its nutritional content is extremely rich.

For example, it becomes one of the fruits with a higher content of carbohydrates, besides being very rich in fiber, which exerts an interesting satiating effect in slimming diets.

It is rich in nutrients, mainly in potassium, and it becomes an ideal fruit when we need an extra energy contribution, helping even to rest better in case we consume it at dinner.

Canarian banana properties

  • Low caloric content: only 85 calories per 100 grams.
  • High fiber content
  • It exerts an important satiating effect.
  • Rich in nutrients, especially in potassium.
  • Useful at the time of lower hypertension .

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