Bacterial plaque: how to take care of it

Bacterial plaque Although many people may come to think of it, the really truth is that enjoying a Good oral health Is not only a matter of aesthetics, since maintaining optimal health in our mouth is only synonymous with health and well-being.

This is due in particular to several basic issues that may be unknown at the outset: it plays important roles such as swallowing, breathing or articulating language.

In addition, it is essential to maintain a Adequate oral hygiene To keep our dentures in perfect condition. And is that as many dentists say, after all Our teeth or our teeth in general is for life .

In this sense, there are many people who worry about knowing how to enjoy some healthy teeth Or white teeth without stopping to think that it is not enough to maintain a proper hygiene: also our food and our habits can harm the oral health .

A good example of this is tobacco or alcohol consumption. They are two poisons not only harmful to our body in general, but particularly to the correct health of our mouth.

What is bacterial plaque?

The Plaque Is a white film that we find attached to the tooth, which is formed of a large number of bacteria.

Although many of these bacteria are harmless (that is, they do not cause any negative consequences or do not influence anything), others are able to transform the sugar into acid.

And it is precisely this acidity - attached to the enamel - the main culprit of the appearance of a decalcification of the tooth and its subsequent hole, which can sometimes progress to the interior of the tooth and cause the loss of the piece.

How to take care of plaque

For Take care of plaque , And therefore to protect and maintain it for a long time, it is essential to maintain adequate oral and dental hygiene.

It is convenient, for example, to wash our teeth properly every time we eat. But it is not enough to brush your teeth and that's it: it is imperative to know how to wash them properly, and above all do it right.

We must avoid substances harmful to our teeth, our mouth and our gums. It is advisable to eliminate consumption of tobacco and alcohol, and reduce sweets or foods too sweet.

We can not forget that those non-innocuous bacteria found in plaque can transform sugar into acid, which in turn causes serious consequences on our teeth if we do not remedy.

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