Postures for the back

Healthy postures for a healthy back For prevent back pain it is essential to maintain good postures both when we sit down and when we are in the car, or even when we are going to grab or hold things from the ground.

And there is no doubt that to maintain good postures it is vital to avoid back pain . In this way we do not suffer annoying pains and, above all, not we overload the back more than the account, which can then lead to many problems over the years, especially as we get older.

At the time of take care of your back It is essential to know what postures may or may not be beneficial, especially if from time to time we tend to suffer problems or tensions in the neck, back or cervical (in particular).

Healthy postures for the back

  • If you usually work sitting, especially daily, try not to always stay in that position. Get up a little and walk. It will help the muscles of your neck rest.
  • When you are going to sit on a chair, place your back straight on the backrest, while your feet keep you well supported on the floor.
  • When lifting objects from the floor, bend your knees, keeping your back straight. It is convenient that you raise the weight carrying the load as close as possible to the body.
  • When you go the car, the seat must have a good lumbar support, which must be adjustable according to the needs of each person.
  • When talking with a telephone, hold it with your hands, and never placing it between your shoulder and your head.
  • Always use a suitable bed, have a firm mattress and keep a straight neck position.

All these positions are useful to take care of our back, given that they assure us a correct position, which in turn helps to avoid possible malformations or ailments that can become serious after a few years, especially when we grow older and older.

In this case, ask yourself the following question: how are you sitting at this moment? Maybe you do not have your back properly attached to the chair, or even this is not adequate to maintain a correct position.

Do not forget that it is not only essential to maintain an adequate posture, but to have a correct chair, especially if you tend to spend a lot of time working, studying or sitting in front of the computer screen.

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