Back pain: how to avoid them

Keep some good postures it is vital to avoid back pain , since in this way we do not suffer annoying pains and, above all, not we overload the back more than the account.

back pains

According to statements offered by the doctor Ander Álava , responsible for the Rehabilitation Service of the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Santurce (Vizcaya), between 80 and 85% of the healthy population will suffer between 30 and 35 years of an episode of back pain.

In the words of this expert, one of the main risk factors to appear back pains , and therefore the traumatic overload, are due to the lifting of heavy loads.

But also a poor posture, and maintain it on a daily basis (for example for work or study), would be another factor to add long-term risk.

In order to avoid the appearance of annoying back pains, there is only one basic recommendation to maintain a healthy back : take care of her, always maintaining pleasant postures but that protect her from discomfort or pain.

For example, if we are going to carry something heavy, it is much better to bend the knees and bend with the back straight, which overload the back , loading it in any way.

It is also advisable to maintain a good posture when working and / or studying, since this way we will avoid general discomforts that, in addition, will prevent us from carrying out the activity in a comfortable way.

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