B12 vitamin

b12 vitamin There are several vitamins that we find within the so-called Group B vitamins . One of them is the b12 vitamin (also known as cobalamin ).

It is an essential vitamin to combat fatigue and weakness of the body, to maintain properly -and in good condition- the nervous system, and to regenerate red blood cells and bone marrow.

In addition, it is practically essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system, memory, and to avoid a disease as usual today as is the case of depression.

Effects of vitamin B12 on health

As we explained in a very summarized way in the previous lines, there are several effects of vitamin B12 in health, since it has a very diverse amount of properties Y Benefits .

Practically, we can indicate the following effects or virtues:

  • Essential for the formation of blood.
  • Helps to fight the weakness and fatigue of the organism.
  • Fundamental to regenerate the bone marrow.
  • It helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system and memory.
  • Prevents the onset of depression.
  • Regenerates red blood cells

Foods rich in vitamin B12


Quantity in mcg. per 100 g.

Liver 76
Kidneys 30
Sardines 28
Language fifteen
Oysters 14
Patés 12
Rabbit 10
Mackerel 9
Brains 9
Mussels 7

Recommended daily amount of vitamin B12




Children 13 years
46 years
7 - 10 years
0.7 mcg.
1 mcg.
1.4 mcg.
Men From 11 years 2 mcg.
Women From 11 years 2 mcg.
Pregnancy 2.2 mcg.

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