Azuki: properties and benefits

Oriental cuisine gives us a great diversity of flavors and aromas that ultimately make it as exquisite cuisine as varied and different.

In fact, it is a type of cuisine in which its aromatic flavor - and sometimes strong - differentiate it above many other cuisines, in which the use of spices It is almost fundamental.

With regard to the use of the vegetables , we can find an interesting variety that, if redundancy is allowed, we do not find in the West.

Receives the name of Azuki , and is characterized by being a typical vegetable of the Orient (especially of Japan ), and one of the remarkable elements within the so-called macrobiotic diet .

Properties of azukis

Benefits of Azuki

Like any legume, Azuki It stands out for its high protein content . In fact, it becomes one of the most protein-rich legumes, thanks to its high vegetable protein content (around 20% approximately).

Of course, it is also extremely rich in carbohydrates and with a not very high amount of fat, although it is advisable to consume it in moderate quantities.

It helps to achieve a correct functioning of the kidneys , so it is an interesting option when we are following a diet to purify the kidneys .

Its carbohydrate content should not worry people with diabetes, since they are totally assimilated without leaving glucose residues.

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