Aspartic acid: non-essential amino acid

Aspartic acid The amino acids they are fundamental for the correct functioning of our organism, since they fulfill certain indispensable functions for our health. They are organic compounds that contain a group Not me and a group carboxyl , that our body can synthesize to build new proteins.

They are divided, as you know, in essential amino acids and in non-essential amino acids . The first are those that our body is not able to synthesize, so the only way to provide them is from the diet. However, the seconds (non-essential amino acids) can be synthesized by our body.

He Aspartic acid It is a non-essential amino acid that participates in certain basic functions in our body.

What is aspic acid?

He Aspartic acid is a non-essential amino acid which, among other aspects, exerts detoxifying functions of the sanguineous system, favoring a correct circulation.

Aspartic acid functions

  • Detoxifying action of the blood system.
  • It favors the correct blood circulation.
  • It helps in the elimination of toxins, through the liver and kidneys.
  • Increases resistance, helping in case of depression, fatigue or chronic fatigue.
  • Rejuvenates cellular activity
  • It helps in the formation of cells, and in the functioning of the metabolism.

Benefits of aspartic acid for health

Aspartic acid, as indicated briefly in the section dedicated to the different functions of aspartic acid , is a non-essential amino acid essential for proper blood circulation, helping to improve it.

In addition, through both the liver and the kidneys they help eliminate toxins that accumulate in our body. In addition, it is a non-essential amino acid that protects the liver.

It is also essential in cell formation, helping in a positive way to rejuvenate cellular activity.

Where to find the asp arctic acid?

Here we indicate which are the foods richest in aspartic acid:

  • Plant-based foods: cereals (corn and oats), legumes (beans, beans, chickpeas and lentils), seeds, vegetables and nuts.
  • Food of animal origin: milk and dairy products, meat, fish and eggs.

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