Artichoke for the liver and gallbladder

A few days ago we dealt with the benefits and properties of the artichoke , in such a way that we learned about some of the most important virtues (both medicinal and therapeutic) of the artichoke .


As we explained at that time, the artichoke is a non-thorny variety of the wild thistle of the Mediterranean regions, in such a way that we tend to consume the flower, although its leaves are what give it its important and outstanding therapeutic properties (from there to be used a lot artichoke extract ).

It is not our goal to return to redound the benefits of the artichoke, but to echo one of the most important virtues of it: its properties for the liver .

Artichoke: ideal for the liver and gallbladder

The artichoke is an ideal food for both liver as for the gallbladder , since it has a choleretic action that increases biliary secretion, so that, for example, it can be very useful in cases of jaundice, poor digestion of fats, congestion or lazy liver .

It also stimulates the biliary secretion, so it acts positively against the constipation , since the bile allows to activate the intestinal movements, reason why it contributes and helps to favor the elimination of the different fecal matters.

But the virtues of the artichoke for the liver and the gallbladder do not end here, since it stimulates even the regeneration of your cells when they are exposed to various toxins.

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