Vitamin supplements are necessary?

Taking into account that the number of people with the arrival of autumn or winter is increasing increase defenses naturally, it is usual for them to choose to take their own vitamin supplements as a way to strengthen your immune system and accelerate your pace of life.

vitamin supplements

In spring it is also common, given that we must not forget that with the arrival of this season and many allergies also joined the so-called spring asthenia.

Although at certain times it may be medically indicated, let's not forget that if we choose to take a vitamin supplement we are self-medicating , given that if our doctor has not prescribed us taking extra vitamins in certain medical circumstances (for example, anemia, cold, flu, mononucleosis ...), the excess of vitamins can be bad for our organism .

Are vitamin supplements necessary?

It is true that vitamin supplements may be indicated for the following situations:

  • Young people in stages of growth, who in turn are in periods of examinations and require physical and mental overwork.
  • People or athletes who perform intense physical activity.
  • Situations of high energy consumption, overwork or insufficient rest.
  • People who follow weight loss diets.
  • People with anemia, who feel tired.

In these situations it is true that it can be useful to take a vitamin supplement but only for a short period , since it is possible that our body needs an extra supply of vitamins.

However, the truth is that if you follow a balance diet , eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day and generally follow a healthy diet, you will not need to take vitamin supplements .

Why? Fundamentally because through balanced and healthy food you will already be contributing to your body the amount of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients you need each day .

That is why many doctors and nutritionists defend at all costs the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, based on a healthy and balanced diet and the practice of physical exercise.

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