Antioxidants: what they are and what their effects on health are

On many occasions we have already dealt with the antioxidants , and, ultimately, about those foods rich in antioxidants. But, What are they specifically and specifically antioxidants ? What are its effects and its Benefits ? Are there different types?

Some foods rich in antioxidants

As we have already known in previous notes, antioxidants are substances that we naturally find in many vegetables , that in a certain aspect are capable of blocking those negative effects of many aggressions that our body suffers daily, and that generate free radicals, well known for their harmful effects.

We must know that free radicals multiply in our body when, for example, we maintain an inadequate diet, abuse alcohol or tobacco, have stress, or even sedentary lifestyle.

What are the effects of antioxidants?

As we have already mentioned at the beginning of this article, antioxidants are able to prevent cellular oxidation caused by the feared free radicals; something certainly fundamental, given that this oxidation accelerates aging, causing mutations in cells that could cause cancer or other degenerative diseases.

Precisely because of the indicated thing, for that reason it is extremely important to include in our diet antioxidant-rich foods , like colored fruits or vegetables, that guarantee a good supply of antioxidants.

Are there different types of antioxidants?

Increasingly, more classes of antioxidants are known, which depend on and differentiate according to their origin and chemical composition.

For example, the best known antioxid is the vitamin C , although another very powerful is the Vitamin E , or both flavonoids Like the polyphenols .

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