Antioxidants in sports nutrition

There's no doubt the practice of physical exercise becomes essential to enjoy good health , helping us to prevent overweight or obesity and all those associated diseases (such as cardiovascular diseases or diabetes, among others), and to enjoy a much healthier weight.

antioxidants sports nutrition

In addition, exercise is essential to strengthen muscles, to keep us active and in good shape, and even to reduce stress in those people who are too anxious and nervous.

The key? We find it especially in practice physical exercise at least 3 times a week from 30 minutes to 1 hour . The best exercises: running, walking fast, swimming or doing a bike.

However, it is true that Physical exercise tends to overload the body with free radicals , which can cause muscle and cell damage. For this reason, many nutritionists and athletes emphasize the importance of following a healthy and balanced diet , given that it is the best way to contribute to our body antioxidants that you need precisely to fight against the most harmful effects that those same free radicals cause.

A great option is to know which are the best antioxidants in sports nutrition , so that certain nutrients are not lacking in our own sport Nutrition .

The best antioxidants for athletes

  • Selenium : it is a mineral that is linked to the correct functioning of the glutathione peroxidase , an antioxidant enzyme that we find in the body and protects it from the degrading effect of hydroperoxides formed endogenously. We find it especially in fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, eggs, fish and meats .
  • Zinc : is another interesting mineral in sports nutrition, since it favors and participates in the formation of both new proteins and in the muscle renewal itself, improving even our defenses. We can find it in legumes, eggs, fish, meat and organ meats .
  • Beta-carotene : is the famous provitamin A, which belongs to the family of carotenoids. Its importance is that it has an important antioxidant action, as well as providing beneficial effects in aging and inflammatory processes. We found it in green and red-orange vegetables .

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