Anti-caries food

food-anticaries It is true that daily food is one of the main causes of cavities , especially if a correct oral hygiene is not followed, especially minutes after having eaten.

This is even more vital when we consume sweet or sugar-rich foods.

But also food can be useful for prevent cavities , and avoid and reduce its appearance, since there are some authentic anti-caries food that, wisely chosen, can help in a very positive way.

And, in turn, to ideally enjoy a correct oral health , as well as about healthy teeth .

Foods to prevent cavities

In the first place, what is most appropriate within a anticaries feed is to opt for a healthy and healthy diet, and above all a balanced diet.

In any case, we indicate below some of the best foods to prevent cavities :

  • Drinks
    It is best to opt for water-rich drinks but low in sugars, as in the case of sugary drinks (either soft drinks or juices). It is best to opt for something healthier drinks, such as homemade fruit juices and natural, but no added sugar. He Green Tea It can help prevent cavities.
  • Fruits
    The best fruits are apples, since at the time of chewing their action is similar to that of a toothbrush. Not to mention the virtues it has for teeth.
    Of course, it is preferable to always wash the teeth after having consumed very sweet or sticky fruits, as is the case of grapes or bananas.
  • Vegetables
    The vegetables, like the fruits , they can also help against cavities. In this case, some of the best ones are carrots or celery.
  • cheese
    It has the particularity to neutralize the formation of acids (responsible for deteriorating tooth enamel). For this reason, it may be ideal to consume cheese in the dessert and as the last food.

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