Aluminum in kitchenware and health

There is no doubt that if we find a remarkable element in the majority, not only of the Cookware , but in a variety of food products that we buy in supermarkets, grocery stores and hypermarkets, that's the aluminum . Not counting the famous foil with which we tend to wrap food and meals.

In food products or beverages, we find it in both cans and cans of soda. Even pets are not saved from finding aluminum in their food cans.

Nor should we forget that we found aluminum in the air that we breathe , mainly due to the environmental pollution that surrounds us

Is aluminum in kitchenware toxic to health?

It is necessary to take into account that aluminum is found in our body , mainly in low concentrations in urine, blood and tissues. And in high concentration in the brain, lung tissue, kidneys and thyroid glands.

However, according to North American scientific research carried out in recent years, it seems that the brain cells of people afflicted with Alzheimer's contain five times more concentrations of aluminum than people who do not have the disease . Therefore, we are facing a neurotoxicity demonstrated in the case of Alzheimer's disease, which also depends on genetic factors.

That said, it is practically impossible to avoid contact with aluminum, since it is common to find it in Cookware that we use every day in our kitchen.

However, although we all have a certain amount of aluminum in our body and generally use kitchen utensils with aluminum is not a problem, the presence of aluminum is toxic to our body when there is an accumulation of more than three grams per day .

Symptoms of aluminum poisoning

If you are worried about aluminum poisoning , we advise you to know more about its main symptoms:

  • Excessive perspiration .
  • Nausea and dizziness .
  • Difficulties in speech .
  • Colic .

In case of diagnosis of aluminum poisoning , It's fundamental avoid contact with products that contain or carry aluminum .

Likewise, both vitamin C and vitamin D help promote the absorption of aluminum in the intestine .

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