Alquejenje: benefits and properties

alquejenje The alquejenje It is a tropical fruit, which in South America is usually known by the names of Cape Thorn grape or capullina , from where it is original and highly consumed.

As far as its fruits are concerned, we can distinguish some characteristic leaves that surround it, while its fruits present an appearance similar to that of cherry tomatoes when they are somewhat greener.

Its flavor is sweet and very refreshing, thus becoming an excellent fruit to enjoy in summer (especially in the last months of summer), thanks not only to that refreshing power, but also for its water content.

Benefits of alquejenje fruit

From a nutritional point of view, one of the main benefits of alquejenje they come from the hand of his richness in vitamins, emphasizing especially his high content in provitamin A, and to a lesser extent, vitamins of group B and vitamin C.

As you know, provitamin A is ideal in the natural care and protection of the eyes. While vitamin C helps maintain a good immune system, improving cell metabolism in turn.

It is a fruit low in calories and fat, so that 100 grams of alquejenje provide only 53 kilocalories and 0.70 grams of fat. In addition, 11.2 grams of carbohydrates and 2.2 grams of protein.

alquejenje benefits

It also provides pectin, so it can become an interesting nutritional remedy in case of occasional constipation. In addition, it is useful when it comes to reducing kidney stones.

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