Alcohol and sugar level

Leaving aside those scientific studies that talk about the different Benefits of drinking alcohol , we should rather pay special attention to the various harmful effects of alcohol on the body , since these negative effects are greater than their supposed beneficial virtues for our organism.

alcohol and blood sugar

Precisely in regard to its negative effects on health, we know that it has effects on the brain, the liver, the stomach, the pancreas, the immune system and the reproductive system.

With regard to the effects of alcohol in blood, in addition to causing anemia due to the inhibition of red blood cells and white blood cells, this time we want to analyze the existing relationship between alcohol and blood sugar level .

As you surely know, both the insulin as the glucose They are two of the main hormones involved in the maintenance of blood glucose levels.

In this sense, when the blood sugar begins to decay, our body responds by making more blood sugar, or by burning stored sugar. Then, from the moment that the blood sugar increases, additional insulin is secreted so that its levels return to normal.

However, different studies have shown that Alcohol negatively interferes with glucose and the hormones needed to maintain normal blood glucose levels .

It is known that, over time, when a person consumes alcohol excessively and over time, it tends to decrease the efficacy of insulin , causing high levels of sugar in the blood, and causing glucose intolerance, alcoholic liver disease and / or diabetes.

In addition to what is indicated in the previous lines, we must bear in mind that even if you are not a habitual consumer of alcohol, regardless of the frequency of your consumption it tends to negatively affect blood glucose levels, even if it is consumed only a glass.

Therefore, the recommendation is obvious: substitute alcohol for another healthier drink, and always avoid alcohol consumption (especially those drinks with a higher alcohol content, without counting the benefits that a glass of red wine or a glass of alcohol could provide). beer).

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