Aesthetic treatments ideal for natural beauty

Laser Hair Removal As shown by different statistics published in recent months, the number of people who trust many Beauty clinics And centers specialized in the most natural beauty to enjoy the results of many of the Aesthetic treatments Which are carried out in them.

One of the main advantages is security, and remarkable results in most cases. Two fundamental issues that combine perfectly when we have specialists of recognized prestige and experience.

In this sense, Esbeltic Model Is characterized precisely by complying with these main characteristics.

Aesthetic treatments ideal for natural beauty

Within the different Aesthetic treatments and of natural beauty More requested by the majority of the patients, two techniques or treatments especially stand out.

On the one hand, the laser depilation Is one of the ideal techniques when the person wants to remove the hair of some part of his body from the root, with which it is achieved to weaken it so that little by little it disappears.

This is achieved by penetrating a beam of light into the different layers of the skin until reaching the root of the hair, destroying it and achieving its subsequent elimination.

On the other hand, Facial mesotherapy Is a technique widely used as a complement to three equally requested techniques: the treatment of wrinkle filling, peeling and facial lifting.

It is a procedure that is painless (that is, it does not cause any discomfort or pain in the patient), which hydrates the skin in depth, which gives it a much younger, smoother and brighter appearance.

Specifically, it involves the infiltration of different products into the skin through microinjections, which contribute the aforementioned results and advantages.

Both techniques must always be carried out by specialists of recognized experience, in medical centers of recognized prestige. As is the case with Esbeltic Model , One of the most important clinics in our country.

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