Accelerate the slow metabolism

The metabolism is considered as the sum of all the chemical reactions of our organism, which allow us to obtain the energy of the food that we consume daily.

But we should not confuse the term metabolism in itself with the term basal metabolism. In this sense, he basal metabolism is the minimum amount of energy that our body needs every day to be able to function .


Depending on the person's own organism, there are two types of well-differentiated metabolism: fast metabolism and the slow metabolism . The latter is one of the most predisposed to suffer from overweight and obesity, since the body needs little energy to develop its basic functions, saves what it does not consume and stores it in the form of fat.

For this main reason, when a person wants to lose weight and lose weight, either because he follows a diet of weight loss or because he simply wants to control his weight, the common thing is to try to find out how to speed up the metabolism .

In what way can we activate the metabolism?

For activate the metabolism and help our body to use all the energy it consumes in the form of food, the key is to avoid sedentary lifestyle and maintain a physically active life.

Therefore, it is essential to follow the following basic guidelines:

  • Practice physical exercise : it is essential not only to enjoy good health, but to maintain our weight at an ideal weight according to our height and physical complexion. And taking into account that our metabolism continues to burn fat even after we have finished exercising, we find ourselves with an essential physical habit to activate our metabolism.

  • Consume foods that activate your metabolism : skim milk products, fruits such as citrus fruits and drinks with high caffeine content. They are foods capable of increasing the energy consumption of our metabolism.

How to accelerate the slow metabolism?

On the other hand, there are some simple tips that can be very helpful when accelerating and activating the metabolism, especially when you have a slow metabolism. We propose you the most useful ones below.

Practice regular physical exercise, especially high intensity

When you practice physical exercise, your metabolism continues to burn even after you have finished. Therefore, the more intense the exercise, the longer the time that effect continues.

Of course, try to practice it regularly, preferably every day, and for at least 40 - 60 minutes at a time.


Increase your muscle mass

Muscle mass is able to burn many more calories than fat, hence the more muscle in our body, the easier it will be for the body to burn calories.

Make 5 meals a day

It is useful to reduce appetite, but it is not only essential to eat less amounts of food. By distributing meals, our body burns calories more consistently.

Follow a proper diet that speeds up your metabolism

As indicated above, did you know that there are certain foods that help you speed up your metabolism?


The best ones are citrus fruits, dairy products and beverages rich in caffeine, since they help to increase the energy consumption of our metabolism. In addition, it is advisable to always take low-fat foods.

As we see, in addition to following a balanced diet, it is essential to move and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. It is also not advisable to skip meals like breakfast, since this way we will only slow down our metabolism.

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