90% of migraines could be due to an eating disorder

According to a study carried out by the Andalusian Society for the Study of Foodborne Diseases (SAEIA) and the Migraña Foundation, apparently approximately 90% of the migraines could be due to a eating disorder .


According to the results obtained in this study (an investigation that has lasted 30 years and has been carried out by a group of doctors from twenty different specialties), 80% of chronic diseases, such as migraine, fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis , has its origin in an eating disorder.

In regard to the migraines themselves, the intolerance varies and depends on each subject, although one of the most important is that of the lactose intolerance (intolerance to milk and its derivatives).

This is because, on many occasions, the vast majority of people are unaware of the presence of products derived from milk in certain and different foods.

When the pathology is caused by food

When it is wanted to determine if a certain pathology is originated by the foods (as they can be the case of the artrosis, the migraña or the fibromialgia), a study is realized that allows to know the different symptoms that affect the subject; so that, in the first diagnosis, it is made with nine basic foods: milk, veal, pork, white and blue fish, chicken, yolk and egg white and wheat.

As has been confirmed, in 70% of the cases observed, the migraine It is produced by one or several of these foods.

However, the researchers have highlighted an issue that we have also commented on at some other time: we must distinguish between allergies and food intolerances .

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