3 recipes with very nutritious yogurt for breakfast

He yoghurt is one of those foods as delicious as nutritious, which can be part of a varied diet, balanced and healthy, thanks mainly to their different nutritional qualities and ultimately to the wide diversity of benefits that gives us. As you surely know, Yogurt is a food that is obtained from the fermentation of milk by specific microorganisms (lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus), which result in obtaining a liquid product, thick and pasty, with a sour taste and a white or slightly yellowish color.

It is a food that can be eaten alone or accompanied, although it is true that because of its sour taste there are actually few people who prefer to take it alone and without sweetening, being much more common to opt for honey or brown sugar as more natural sweeteners, and accompany it with other nutritious foods such as whole grains, fresh fruit or nuts.

Recipes with yogurt for breakfast

Precisely because of the different nutritional qualities that yogurt brings, and that we will know in the next section, we are facing a very interesting natural product for breakfast , especially if we combine it with other natural foods in order to enrich even more our plate. And is that starting from the base to enjoy an exquisite nutritive breakfast , What better to opt for a yogurt as a base food ?.

The nutritional benefits of yogurt

The truth is yogurt is a food very rich in essential nutrients as well as beneficial bacteria for our digestive system and for our own intestinal flora , so it can be converted into an excellent nutritious option either as a dessert, as a snack or as a breakfast.

In fact, a 100-gram natural yogurt provides vitamin A and B vitamins (especially folic acid, niacin and B12, 180 mg of calcium, 240 mg of potassium and 17 mg of magnesium, in addition to other minerals such as On the other hand, its caloric content is relatively low, hence it is an excellent option for weight loss diets, given that a 250 ml serving only contributes 150 calories.

3 delicious and nutritious recipes to eat yogurt for breakfast

If you were to ask for a very digestive dessert in which yogurt is combined with a tropical fruit it is quite possible that one of the first ones that comes to mind is the yogurt with papaya . But did you know that it is also possible to combine yogurt with other fruits or natural foods to prepare a breakfast as healthy as nutritious ? We propose 3 wonderful and exquisite recipes.

1. Yogurt with muesli

He muesli is considered one of the most complete foods that exist, since consists of a mixture of oats and rye, fruits, wheat germ and nuts . Therefore when we combine it with yogurt we have a nutritious and extremely complete dish.


Starting from our recipe apple muesli and seeds (in which you'll find healthy foods like oatmeal, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, millet flakes, dried apples and dried dates), you just have to put a slightly beaten natural yogurt in a bowl and add this muesli above. If you wish, you can sweeten it with a little jam (the one you like), honey, brown sugar or brown sugar.

2. Yogurt with strawberries, prunes and raisins

If you usually suffer from constipation, and you need improve your intestinal transit , surely you will know that both prunes as the raisins They are two essential foods in the prevention and treatment of constipation , since they are extremely rich in fiber. That's why they combine so well with yogurt. And to this breakfast we will also add natural strawberries .


A useful option when making a yogurt with benefits against constipation, which is also ideal for breakfast for its richness in fiber and its incredible nutritional qualities, is to put your favorite natural yogurt in a bowl and cut into small pieces a handful of prunes and a handful of raisins, then pouring over the yogurt. To finish, wash a handful of strawberries well, cut them in half and pour them over the yogurt.

3. Yogurt with nuts and honey

For those mornings where you do not have enough time, a delicious and excellent option to continue enjoying your favorite yoghurt while providing many more nutritional benefits is add quality honey , which will help you to sweeten it and turn it into a delicious dessert made in a few minutes.


To prepare it, you only need to pour your favorite natural yogurt into a bowl and add a little honey on top. If you want you can stir it up a bit, or if not just start taking it that way. Now simply pour over a handful of walnuts . Simply delicious!

If in addition to these delicious recipes you are encouraged to prepare your own homemade yogurt, we encourage you to read our article about how to make yogurt . And if you follow a vegan diet or simply do not consume animal products, you can also do a wonderful vegan yogurt .


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